The dashboard in your Toyota is a wonderful thing. It measures, navigates and informs making sure that you and your vehicle are safe and operating as best it can. When it senses an issue or trouble it’s job is to ensure that you know.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why certain indicators are flashing in your Toyota. A question we sometimes get here at Mississauga Toyota is, “Why is my security light flashing?”

Normally when something is flashing on our vehicle’s dashboard it’s an indication that something may be low (fuel) or the vehicle is sensing an issue (check engine light). My post is to explain what the Security Light is and why it flashes. Have a look at this quick video about the security light and I hope you find it helpful!

Watch Video here

It’s always recommended that you attend our “Know Your Toyota Seminar” at Mississauga Toyota so that you fully understand all your Dashboard can do for you. If you want to attend one, please reach out to anyone on staff. We hold them regularly here at Mississauga Toyota, 2215 Dundas St E in Mississauga, every third Tuesday of the month. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out!

Brian DaPonte, Technician

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