The warmer weather always brings more opportunity to spend Saturday mornings washing and detailing our cars. Let’s face it; keeping our cars clean through a long Canadian winter is a chore! Now that the weather is warmer and the sun is shining I want to give you a detailing hack that will save you time and a bit of cash.

There are plenty of cleaning products out there for glass, leather, upholstery and dashboards that do a great job at keeping your car sparkling. But there’s a great trick to easily dusting your dashboards and keeping the dust off.

Dryer sheets. That’s right! You’re regular old dryer sheet is a great dusting cloth for your car’s dashboard. Many newer vehicles have larger and more dynamic in screen dashboards now. They get dusty easily and naturally show off dust more than a darker piece of dash or upholstery.

The dryer sheet will do a really nice job and picking up the dust of the screens and because there are compounds found in dryer sheets to reduce static it will keep the dust off longer than most cleaning products you find in your local stores.

Summer also means lots of bugs stuck to the front of the car. Here’s a great way to stretch the use of used dryer sheets. Using a small bucket with a bit of water in it wet the used dryer sheet. Then use the wet sheet anywhere on the front of the car wear the bugs are pasted on. The wet dryer sheet’s compounds remove the bugs effortlessly, this is a great pre-wash exercise and will save you money on getting specialized bug wash at the store.

I hope that this summer you can try this out on your car. If you have any questions about keeping your car clean or our detailing packages, please come visit us or give us a call.  We’re closer than you think on Dundas St just west of the 427!

Jon Hall
General Manager

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