“Back in my day we read newspapers, listened to the wireless and we liked it!” said every great-grandfather… ever.

Mississauga Toyota wanted to do something a little different and feature all the FREE things that you can find at our dealership! Some are always available to you, some are special, just for this time of year but we felt it’d be nice to throw a few freebies your way in the hopes that we can make your day a little bit better!

Day 12 – Free Newspapers!

Now we know that in our connected world a lot of our news can be consumed on our phones. We get it, it’s convenient. We also know that a lot of us out there, young and old still like to pick up a paper, daily or weekly, and have a read.

We always supply free national and local newspapers in our client lounge for those of us who still enjoy a hot coffee and old-school consumption of the day’s events. If you’re one of those folks then we have you covered!

You always have your finger on the pulse of the day at Mississauga Toyota, close to Sherway Gardens at Dundas and the 427!

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