There is so much going on this time of year, holiday concerts, family gatherings, company parties and the list goes on. For many people, it also means capitalizing on year-end offers on new vehicles as the manufacturers try to clear as much of this year’s inventory as possible.

We at Mississauga Toyota wanted to do something a little different and feature all the FREE things that you can find at our dealership! Some are always available to you, some are special, just for this time of year but we felt it’d be nice to throw a few freebies your way in the hopes that we can make your day a little bit better!

Day 4 – Free Appraisals!

If you’re looking for a new vehicle (or a certified pre-owned vehicle) you make have a vehicle to trade in. Maybe your not looking for a new vehicle but would like an assessment to help plan for other things. No matter what the scenario the staff at Mississauga Toyota is always ready to provide a free appraisal of your vehicle. wrote a blog post several years ago about the “do’s & don’ts” of trading in or appraising your vehicle at a dealership. Below are the three top reasons doing this process at the dealership may suit you best.

First, it’s quick and hassle-free. Here, you simply get the vehicle appraised and hand it over when it’s time to pick up your new wheels.

Second, the tax savings can be significant (hundreds or even thousands of dollars).
The amount of money you get for your trade-in is automatically deducted from the cost of the vehicle you’re buying. So, you pay tax only on the difference between the cost of the new car and value of the trade.

Third, you don’t have to spend time and money preparing the vehicle for sale and trying to find a buyer.

This can be a lengthy and frustrating experience, especially if you aren’t used to strangers calling or visiting your home. Potential buyers often turn into no-shows.

If working with a dealership to assess the value of your vehicle makes the most sense for you, remember that we’re here, we can help and it’s free! Appraisals are easy to get at Mississauga Toyota, close to Sherway Gardens at Dundas and the 427!

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