Some of our best summer memories involve road trips. Windows down and the car loaded up for summer vacations with family and friends. With thousands and thousands of unique destinations our country has to offer us why wouldn’t we get in the car and explore?

With road trips comes “some” aggravations, traffic, getting lost and wear and tear on our bodies. The wear and tear on ourselves we rarely consider before embarking on long trips in the car but they’re critically important to be aware of. The biggest area of fatigue on spending hours upon hours in our cars is our backs. You know what we’re talking about, that first time you decide to stop and exit the vehicle. We all feel it in our backs, the usual stretch and groans.

So before you embark on your next memorable road trip take time to remember some simple tips to keep yourself comfortable and pain-free.

  • Get as comfortable as possible. Remove anything you may have in your pockets and stow them in the centre console or glove box. Ensure that your posture isn’t out of line because you kept your wallet in your back right pocket. That can cause a real back pain or stiffness after several hours behind the wheel. Don’t be reaching for the steering wheel, that will cause stress on the lower spine, shoulders and wrists. Try to sit as close to the steering wheel as possible without compromising your safety. If you live with minor or major back ailments makes sure you bring the proper back support for the driver seat (or passenger seat) as directed by your chiropractor or doctor.
  • Bring the heat and the cold. Everyone understands the benefit of heat and cold packs on the parts of us that ache. How often do we consider bringing them along for those epic road trips? Next time you head out pack a heating pad with a plug adapter so that if needed you can plug into the dash and keep those lower back muscles warm and avoid them stiffening up. On the other hand back pain is commonly paired with inflammation, heat feels great but put an ice pack or two in a cooler for your drive so that you have something available to you can reduce swelling or inflammation in your back quickly and easily.
  • Is your car driving as smoothly as possible? A quick look at your car before embarking on a long trip can ensure not only a worry-free trip but a comfortable one too. Your car’s performance on less than desirable roadways will help against driver and passenger fatigue as well. Consider the following before heading out
    • Replacing worn shocks on the car can limit the bounce in the car
    • Are your tires in good shape? Replacing worn tires can be helpful and ensure the safest travel possible. A slight reduction in the tire pressure can also smooth out the vehicles ride.
    • Book a summer service well in advance of family road trips. The piece of mind knowing that the car has been looked at and taken care of is paramount. Holiday time shouldn’t be filled with any kind of major stress.

The open road is calling! Load up your car and create fantastic lasting memories. If there is anything we can be assistance with in regards to ensuring your full comfort and safety just let us know! We’re here to help and we’re closer than you think, on Dundas St just west of Hwy 427. Let’s get you ready for the road!

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