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Our service department is open safely. While we still recommend dropping your vehicle off for service, we are also offering limited shuttle service and indoor seating which can be booked with our Guest Services Team at (905) 625-0333. 

Here is what you do:

1.    When you arrive, park your vehicle anywhere on the left side of the building. 

2.    Walk over to the dropbox located at the left/west side of the building.

3.  Slide open the drawer and lift the lid, where you will find plastic bags and forms.

3.    Place your key into the plastic bag, fill out the service form, seal it and drop it in the slot and close the drawer.

4.    If you are dropping the vehicle off, you can now leave.

5.    If you have already reserved a shuttle with our Guest Services team when you booked your appointment at 905-625-0333, please check in with our greeter through the main showroom doors.

6.    If you have already reserved an indoor seat with our Guest Services team at 905-625-0333, please check in with our greeter through the main showroom doors.

7.    After we sanitize the vehicle, we will bring it inside the building.

8.    We will contact you confirming that we have your vehicle and review the services needed.

9.    Upon completion of work, we will call you. Please note, appointments are taking longer than normal due to our COVID-19 safety protocols.

10. When you arrive, please enter through our main showroom doors, follow the green footprints to the cashier desk where we will have your keys and invoice. Our preferred method of payment is card: CREDIT OR DEBIT.

Use our convenient online booking tool below or give us a call at 905-625-0333 to book a service appointment!

 Please note we ask that your vehicle stay with us for a half or full day. Appointments are taking longer then normal due to our COVID - 19 safety protocols.

All guests entering the dealership are required to wear a face mask/covering when doing so.

To Schedule an Airbag Campaign or recall please call the dealership so we can order the necessary parts and confirm a time.