We know it’s difficult to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance. We also know that you may have a used vehicle and the ownership might have changed. Which means it may be difficult for our team at Mississauga Toyota or Toyota Canada to contact you in the event there is a recall on your vehicle.

Did you know that there is a very important recall for certain vehicles fitted with Takata Airbags?

When buying a vehicle you should make sure you do two things:

  1. As a Toyota buyer you should always be sure to ask about its recall status. You can do this by asking our Service Manager or you can visit and enter the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of you specific vehicle.
  2. New owners should register their name and contact information with the automaker’s Canadian customer relations department. This way, you’ll be connected to the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and will receive important advisories about the vehicle.

Toyota Canada is taking action to try and make sure everyone knows if there is a recall on their vehicle. These recalls are part of a continuing effort to improve driver safety and offer solutions for known issues.

Remember recall services are free at Mississauga Toyota!

If you own a Toyota vehicle with an open recall alert, schedule an appointment with our service department online here or call us at 888-201-3874.

Have any questions about your vehicle? We’re here to help and closer than you think in Mississauga at 2215 Dundas St E.