Parts and Service How To Videos

Mississauga Toyota is happy to offer several helpful How-To Videos for some of the tricker aspects of vehicle service and maintenance. 

See below some of the most popular guest questions.

How to Fix the Auto Window Up/Down Function

  • Cycle each window of the vehicle up and down three times
  • On the third time hold the window in the up position for 5 seconds

How to Change a Tire

  • Remove the trunk liner
  • Identify the jack and the lug wrench
  • Turn the tire carrier counter clockwise to release it
  • Remove the spare from the trunk
  • Inspect the tire to make sure that it has air and there is no damage
  • Carefully pry the wheel cover off of the wheel
  • Turn the wheel nuts counter clockwise to loosen them
  • Place the jack under your vehicle, refer to your owner's manual to find out where it goes
  • Turn the jack clockwise until the wheel is off the ground
  • Remove the wheel nuts from the tire
  • Remove the tire from the vehicle
  • Put the spare tire on the vehicle
  • Put the wheel nuts back on
  • Tighten the nuts with the lug wrench, turning them clockwise until they are tightened almost all the way
  • Lower the vehicle by turning the wrench counterclockwise - until the vehicle's weight is on the tire
  • Tighten the wheel nuts all the way to secure the tire on the vehicle (we recommend using a cross pattern)

How to Change the Inside Rear Door Lock Function - Child Locks

  • Flip the child safety lock up to allow passengers in the back to open the rear doors from the inside
  • Flip the child safety lock down to lock the back doors from the inside

Why aren't my Power Windows Working?

  • Press the rectangular button (window lock switch) which is located above the door lock switch

Toyota 2017 RAV4 and Up Foot-Activated Power Liftgate

  • Stand a foot away from the rear back door of the RAV4 with the key in your pocket
  • Wave your foot under the rear back door sensor 
  • Step back and let the door come up on its own
  • To close the door wave your foot under the back door sensor again and step back

How to Secure my Back Middle Seatbelt in my RAV4

  • Take the seatbelt from the roof and lower it
  • There are two distinct different anchors on the seatbelt and two buckles that go into those anchors
  • One of the anchors may fall in between the seat cushion so you may have to put your hand in between the seat cushions to locate it
  • Once located, take the smaller buckle and insert it into the anchor
  • Take the other buckle and insert it into the normal seatbelt anchor

How to Adjust the Height on the Trunk of a RAV4 or Highlander

  • First open the trunk door, this can be done by touching the switch under the door handle or by using the button on the remote
  • Hold the trunk door at the height you would like it to open to
  • Push and hold the button (as seen in the video) until you hear the multiple beeps
  • To test out the height, close the trunk and reopen it
  • Repeat these steps if you want to test out a different height

What do the lights mean on my vehicle's dash?

What do the lights mean on my vehicle's dash?

How to Check Engine Oil Level

  • Make sure the engine is up to temperature, the vehicle is shut off and it is on a level surface
  • Pull out the engine oil dipstick (the handle is shaped like an "O") and wipe it down with a rag or paper towel
  • Stick the engine oil dipstick back in the hole, pushing it all the way down
  • Pull the engine oil dipstick back out
  • The oil level should be in between the two dots on the end of the dipstick
  • Touch the oil, it should feel smooth
  • Look at the colour of the oil, it should be light
  • When the oil is dark this means it should be replaced
  • If you need to add oil you do so in the crankcase on the engine
  • The type of oil recommended for your vehicle will be on the cap

Why is my Security Light flashing?

Why is my Security Light flashing?

How to use a Toyota Paint Stick Pen

  • To determine what Paint Stick Pen you need, locate your vehicle's colour code on the VIN sticker on the inside of the driver's side door
  • Use a white piece of paper to test out your pen before using it on the vehicle
  • Press down on the paper until the coloured paint comes out
  • Now find the stone chip or scratch that you are looking to cover and smooth the paint over the area
  • Wait a couple hours for the paint to dry
  • Press down on the white piece of paper with the clear coat side of the pen until it comes out
  • Smooth over the painted area with the clear coat

How to Check Tire Pressure

  • Open the driver's side door
  • Check the proper tire pressure on the "Tire and Loading Information" sticker on the inside of the driver's side door
  • The tire pressure for the front and rear wheels should match the PSI numbers on the sticker
  • Find the tire valve on the tire you are checking
  • Take your tire pressure gauge and press against the tire valve
  • The current pressure will display on the tire pressure gauge, make sure it matches the sticker

Where is my Tire Pressure Light and what does it do?

Where is my Tire Pressure Light and what does it do?

How to Replace Your Wiper Refills

  • Purchase wiper inserts (no tools needed)
  • Lift up wiper arm | Wiper arm: Is normally a mental object connecting the wiper blade to the vehicle
  • Locate clip under wiper blade, press & pull down until blade is disengaged | Wiper blade: The mechanical device the cleans the windshield
  • Place wiper arm back down so that it does not slam down and damage your windshield!
  • Locate one end of the blade & pull old refill towards you, tear it off | Wiper refill: Unit attached to the wiper blade used to clean the windshield
  • Get new wiper refill
  • Locate the two grooves on either side
  • Place the two metal strips into the grooves of the wiper refill
  • Slide wiper refill and metal strips into the frame of the blade until it locks in place
  • Life up the wiper arm again
  • Locate the hook on the arm & clip the wiper blade in place
  • Place wiper arm back down

How to Install Rear Wiper Inserts

  • Purchase wiper refill (no tools needed)
  • Locate the base cover of the wiper arm
  • Reach under the base cover with your two index fingers and pull them away from each other to unlock it
  • Lift up the base cover
  • Now you should be able to lift the wiper arm completely up
  • To take the wiper blade off the arm, press the blade down towards you to make a "T" shape, it should unlock
  • Slide the blade off
  • Grab one end of the blade with your left hand, the other end with your right hand
  • Snap the blade in half (like you're breaking a branch)
  • Slide the right side of the blade off the insert
  • Slide the insert out from the left side of the blade
  • Remove the metal strips from the old insert and place them into the grooves of the new insert
  • Slide the new insert back into the left side of the blade & then slide the right side of the blade back on to the insert
  • Snap in place
  • Slide the blade back on to the arm in a "T" shape
  • Pull blade down to lock it in place on the wiper arm
  • Place the wiper arm back down on to the window and place the base cover back down as well

How to Refill Your Windshield Washer Fluid

  • NOTE: There are two reservoirs that look very similar to each other
  • The washer fluid reservoir is the one you want. It has a picture of a windshield on the lid. The other is for coolant, putting the Washer fluid into this reservoir can damage the engine
  • Lift the lid of the washer fluid reservoir
  • If there is a screen inside, take it out before adding the washer fluid
  • Pour in the washier fluid, tilt the container sideways to do so
  • Once the fluid is filled up, close the lid

How to Change the Battery in Your Toyota Smart Key

  • Slide out the key by pressing the button on the side of the Smart Key device
  • Insert the key into the slit at the top to twist it open
  • Remove the transmitter to find the battery
  • Pop out the battery, you can use the key to do so
  • Insert the new battery and put the transmitter back before putting the
  • Smart Key device back together
  • Slide the key back into place

Why is my Passenger Air Bag Light on?

Why is my Passenger Air Bag Light on?

Why won't My Rear Window Wiper Work on my 4Runner?

  • The rear window on a 4Runner goes up and down. If it is not closed all the way, it will prevent the wiper blades from working
  • Ensure that your rear window is all the way up before using your rear window wiper
  • Watch the video below for more details!