Protection Options

Extra Care Protection | Protection Options

Extra Care Protection

ECP gives your new Toyota protected coverage from unexpected circumstances as well as roadside assistance, similar to CAA.

Wear Pass | Toyota Vehicle Protection

Wear Pass - Excess Wear & Tear Plan

A Toyota Lease Wear Pass is your ticket to a worry-free leasing experience.

Body-Gard | Protection Options


Body-Gard®  is an interior upholstery and exterior paint and wheel protection plan as well rust corrosion control options for your vehicle's surfaces.

Appearance-Gard | Protection Options


Appearance-Gard® helps to protect your vehicle from unavoidable and unexpected dents and accidents on your car, keeping it looking new for years to come.

The Ride Green Certified program | Protection Options

The Ride Green Certified® Program

The Ride Green Certified® program enhances your vehicle experience by providing a safer and more protected ride for you and your passengers.

Total Loss Protection

Total Loss Protection (GAP)® provides you coverage in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss.

Secure Gard | Protection Options

Secure Gard

Secure Gard® deters thieves by marking your vehicle with a unique series of traceable I.D. numbers and branded decals.

i-Select Coverage | Protection Options

i-Select Coverage

i-Select Coverage® is a mechanical breakdown protection with an extended warranty to protect you and your vehicle investment from costly repairs.

Tire-Gard | Protection Options


Tire-Gard® protects your tires from road hazards at no cost to you.

Canada Life | Protection Options

Canada Life

Accident and Health Insurance is beneficial in the event that you are in an accident or fall ill and are unable to work.