Service Options

At Mississauga Toyota, we are dedicated to communicating and educating our vehicle services to our guests. Below are links to details about our most popular services:

Battery Service & Replacement

Do you know when it is time to have your vehicle's battery replaced?

Maintenance Special

Promotes safety, peace of mind of your vehicle, improved fuel efficiency and more.

Onboard Check Engine Diagnostic

This light is warning of a malfunction and needs to be diagnosed by a technician.

Oil Change Service

Regularly scheduled oil changes are the best way to prolong the life of your vehicle and validates warranty.

Cabin & Engine Air Filter Service

Replacing your vehicles air filter prohibits dirt and debris from entering the inner-engine prolonging engine life.

Cooling System Service

This service promotes cooling and heating efficiency of the vehicle’s heating and cooling system.

Brake Service, Repair & Replacement

Age of brake fluid, the level of corrosion as well as your driving habits are all well known factors when brake fluids need to be replaced.

Toyota Touch Detailing

Revitalize your ride by selecting one of our Toyota Touch cleaning and detailing packages. Click below to see our different packages.

Transmission Service

Servicing your transmission prolongs the life of your transmission, keeps the transmission gears and torque converter lubricated.