Cabin Engine Air Filter Service

Why replace your engine or cabin air filters?

Replacing your vehicles air filter prohibits dirt and debris from entering the inner-engine prolonging engine life. Replacing your vehicles cabin air filter reduces odours and allergens for ideal air quality inside the interior cabin.

When should you book your Air Filter or Cabin Air Filter Service?

Every year!

Inside Look Toyota Genuine Cabin and Engine Air Filters

How long does it take to replace an engine Air Filter or Cabin Filter?

Approximately half an hour

* When you come in for your appointment, our service advisors will be able to confirm the timing for your specific vehicle.

Included in your Filter Replacement

  • Our Factory Trained Toyota Technicians will remove your engine air filter and cabin air filters to inspect for debris
  • Our advisors can show you the filter before replacement
  • Replace with genuine Toyota Filters

Filter Pricing

Engine Air Filter starting from $32.95 + tax *labour included

Cabin Air Filter starting from $54.95 + tax *labour included


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  • Tuesday By Appointment Only
  • Wednesday By Appointment Only
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  • Friday By Appointment Only
  • Saturday By Appointment Only
  • Sunday Closed