Toyota is known for making one of the most reliable, safe and fun to drive cars in the market. Some say that Toyota is only in the automotive industry but that is not quite the case. Toyota is in the industry of customer satisfaction which means that Toyota has taken on some corporate social responsibility. Toyota has partnered up with the Canadian Blood Services to help redevelop and restructure how some of the Canadian Blood Services processes work.

They did this by using the Toyota Production System also referred to as TPS. TPS’s philosophy is 1) put the customer first, 2) people are the most valuable resource, and 3) continuous improvement with the processes. Toyota shared its manufacturing knowledge with dozens of non-profits every year, like Canadian Blood Services. Some of the improvement that took place was implementing standardized work in the distribution process. Toyota helped with the exporting process by reorganizing the way that this process was being done before. How did they do it? Toyota advisors made it so that the workplace moved in a circular motion helping reduce processing time and the amount of moving of the product it self. Toyota also helped reduce the burden on the employees by reorganizing how and where certain things were kept. This process helped make it easier and faster to get an order complete.

Small differences can make a huge impact. This was done with the help of the entire team at Toyota and with the collaboration with Canadian Blood Services. Toyota strives to help as much as they can by sharing the knowledge they have and the innovations that they have come up with to help other companies and non/not for profit organizations to help them ensure maximum growth and production.

There are approximately 12 million Canadians that could donate blood but less than 4% do. If we all come together we could help with something amazing.