TNGA stands for Toyota New Global Architecture. Toyota’s unchanging mission is simple: to make cars better. They use the TNGA as a framework for their mission. It’s built on 5 domains: driving quality, comfort, user friendliness, pride of ownership and security.

Driving quality plays a big roll in what vehicle an individual decides to drive. The more versatile the vehicle is the better and Toyota has built their vehicles around their customers so that the drive quality feels simple easy and safe.

This brings us to the next domain, which is comfort. Ever heard of the term always travel in comfort and style? Toyota has pretty much reinvented that phrase with its completely new line up of sleek futuristic looking cars that not only appeal to those that are in the Toyota family already but to those new millennials that are ever so hard to please.

User friendliness is one of the biggest factors that plays a roll in our purchases on a day to day basis whether it be as simple as purchase like a new television or a vehicle. We as consumers feel that everything should flow seamlessly and effortlessly. We often check things like “will this car connect to my smartphone?” or “does this car tell me when I am drifting out of my lane?” These questions still point us back to the same thing- user friendliness. Toyota has made it easier than ever to use and customize your vehicle to exactly what you want with features such as enTune.

This brings us to the next domain, which is pride of ownership. Ever think back to when you got your first car? And think about how happy you were to have it. Toyota owners feel that with all their Toyotas knowing that they are the most reliable manufacturer on the market today. They have a worry-free vehicle that looks great and performs even better.

Finally on our list is security. There is nothing that drives customers to pick Toyota over anything else more than knowing that the passengers in their Toyota are as safe as they can be with a number of standard features now available across the entire line up. You and all of your passengers can enjoy a worry-free driving experience like no other.