Toyota Touch

Revitalize your ride with one of the below Toyota Touch cleaning & detailing packages

Deluxe Package (approximately 2 hours)

  • Hand washing and drying of the outside of the vehicle
  • Interior cleaning which includes vacuuming and glass cleaning
  • Passenger compartment fully deodorized
  • Detailed inspection report of the vehicle interior and exterior

Cars/Pickups - $39.95 + tax

SUV/VANS - $44.95 + tax

Premium Package (approximately 3 - 5 hours)

This package includes all the deluxe items as well as:
  • Power washing of wheels
  • Trunk cleaning
  • Shampooing of mats and stains
  • Lubrication of locks and hinges
  • Polishing and 2-step paint restoration to eliminate paint blemishes
  • Treatment of interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim

Cars/Pickups - $109.95 + tax

SUV/VANS - $129.95 + tax

Ultimate Package (takes one day)

Includes all premium items as well as:

  • Shampooing and cleaning the engine compartment and lower body
  • Three-step paint restoration (includes environmental residue removal)
  • Complete interior shampooing
  • Application of protectant conditioner for seats

Cars/Pickups - $224.95 + tax

SUV/VANS - $264.95 + tax

We also offer A'la carte cleaning options


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