Transmission Service

What is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the gears in your transmission responsible for transferring power to your wheels allowing you to move and regulate your speed.

Why should you service your transmission?

Servicing your transmission prolongs the life of your transmission and keeps the transmission gears and torque converter well lubricated. To remove your old transmission fluid and replace with new fluid, the fluid can be drained and re-filled or it can be flushed. See below for additional details.

When should you book your Transmission in for Service?

Every 48,000km OR 2 years or whatever comes first

Included in your Transmission Drain & Fill

  • Our Factory Trained Toyota Technicians will drain your old transmission fluid and replace with genuine Toyota Transmission Fluid recommended for our vehicle.
  • Will add seal condition for extra protection and replace Transmission plug gasket.

How long does a Transmission Service take?

Approximately 1 hour

Prices starting from $149.95 + tax

 Included in your Transmission Fluid Flush

  • Our Factory Trained Toyota Technicians will install high quality Toyota flushing equipment to ensure maximum amount of fluid and contaminants drained.
  • Add an effective cleaner to remove harmful varnish & sludge deports from the internal components. Will replace with┬ánew clean genuine Toyota Transmission Fluid

How long does a Transmission Fluid Flush take?

Approximately 1.5 hours

Prices starting from $229.95 + tax

Differential Fluids:

Approximately 0.5 hours

Front Differential Fluid - $89.95 + tax

Rear Differential Fluid - $89.95 + tax

Transfer Case Fluid - $84.95 + tax

Tighten Propeller Shaft Bolts - $29.95 + tax

Grease Propeller Shaft Bolts - $29.95 + tax

*When you come in for your appointment, our service advisors will be able to confirm the timing for your specific vehicle.


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