Book A Check Engine Light Diagnostics Appointment

Why is my Check Engine light on?

There are many reasons why your check engine light is on so it is important to have one of our Toyota Factory Trained Technicians look at the vehicle right away. Your vehicle may not pass the emissions test should this light be on.

Some reasons may include:

  • Gas cap is loose or broken
  • Catalytic converter malfunction
  • Sensors may be worn out, broken, or have some sort of electronic malfunction. Here are some examples of sensors:
    • Oxygen
    • Knock
    • Mass airflow
    • Spark plugs

*Please note that these are not all the reasons for an engine light on. The cause could be not listed here or a combination of many items listed here.

How long does the Check Engine Light Service take?

Approximately 1 hour for regular check engine light diagnostic

Approximately 1.5 hours to diagnose a check engine light for emissions test purposes

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Check Engine Light Diagnostic Pricing