Know Your Toyota

If you have recently purchased a new or pre-owned Toyota, Mississauga Toyota would like to welcome you to the Toyota Family! It can often be confusing navigating all the innovative tech and safety features in your new car. You might find it problematic making certain adjustments to your vehicle that provides you the most comfort during your drive without having to endlessly flip through the owner's manual. That is why we have created a series of videos to help explain some of the key features. 

 Our experienced Toyota staff will review: dealership operations, roadside assistance, warranties, Vehicle Maintenance, and how to operate your vehicle to utilize its full capabilities. Click through below on the different videos. Contact us if you require more information on a specific topic or for any other questions. Enjoy!

Welcome Video explaining the video series: 

Watch this short video explaining the Factory Warranty that comes standard on your new Toyota:

Watch this short video explaining Toyota's Roadside Assistance for your new vehicle:

Watch this short video explaining Extra Care Protection which is an enhancement to the standard Factory Warranty: 

Please note the ECP Gold Packages are no longer available.

Watch this short video explaining why maintenance is important for your new vehicle: