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Our Parts Department will be happy to help you source the right parts for your vehicle.  Genuine Toyota Parts are the only parts that have been manufactured to meet Toyota's rigorous standards of safety, appearance and durability - helping to protect you as well as the value of your investment.

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Have you ever taken your vehicle in for service only to be given various different quotes? Did you know the variation in quotes is often directly related to the Part purchased for the service or repair? When searching for Toyota Parts in Mississauga, it is always best to ask a Parts Advisor for recommendations before purchase.

At Mississauga Toyota, we do more than sell new and pre-owned Toyotas. We offer solutions and answers to problems or questions you may have about your Toyota. Most immediate decisions are based on the now, without the appropriate information being readily available. We asked around and the number one factor taken into consideration for your vehicle repair, in most circumstances, is cost. As a consumer, do you truly understand the difference between a genuine Toyota part and an aftermarket part?

What is the difference between genuine Toyota OEM parts and aftermarket parts?

The difference is that OEM parts are made by and for Toyota. While aftermarket parts are similar, they are not made by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Genuine Toyota parts are designed exactly like the original parts in your Toyota and have undergone testing and approval by Toyota. While the option of buying aftermarket products can help save you a little bit of money now, that purchase may not be the best choice. You could end up paying larger repair bills due to rapid deterioration and damage to your vehicle. Genuine Toyota parts, when installed by Mississauga Toyota Service Centre, are warrantied so you have peace of mind knowing your Toyota Part is guaranteed.

Talk to a Toyota Parts Advisor at Mississauga Toyota today for more information about genuine Toyota parts and accessories for your Toyota. 

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