Protection Options

Why buy Protection Options for your Vehicle?

Your Toyota was built to last with superior craftsmanship designed by the world's finest engineers, however, the unexpected can still happen. That is why it is important to protect your New Car Purchase. You can view the different protection options for your vehicle below by clicking into each of the tabs. 

Join us at Mississauga Toyota to browse our new and Used Toyota Inventory, and while you're here be sure to ask a member of our team for an ECP brochure for more detailed information about the Protection Options available.

Toyota Vehicle Protection

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Wear Pass

Wear Pass provides you protection against unexpected wear and tear charges at the end of your lease when returning your vehicle back to Toyota. This means you will not have to worry during your lease when the odd door ding, windshield chip or rim scuff occurs.

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The Body-Gard® Environmental Protection Program is designed to extend the life of your vehicle by offering protection for the vehicle inside and out with rust, paint and interior upholstery protection. Watch the videos below to see the products. 

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Appearance-Gard® helps to protect your vehicle from unavoidable and unexpected dents and accidents on your car, keeping it looking new for years to come!

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Ride Green Program

The Ride Green Certified® program enhances your vehicle experience by providing a safer and more protected ride for you and your passengers.

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Total Loss Protection (GAP)

Total Loss Protection (GAP)® provides you coverage in the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss.

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Secure Gard

Secure Gard® deters thieves by marking your vehicle with a unique series of traceable I.D. numbers and branded decals. The I.D. numbers, VIN and your information are registered into a secure database.

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i-Select Coverage® is a mechanical breakdown protection with an extended warranty to protect you and your vehicle investment from costly repairs.

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Tire Guard

Tire-Gard® protects your tires from road hazards at no cost to you! The manufactures warranty does not cover damage to your tires. Tire-Gard® guarantees that if a road hazard flattens one or more of your tires, simply return to your Selling Dealership to have them safely repaired or replaced, at no cost to you.