Book A Cooling System Service Appointment

Why perform a Cooling System Service?

This service promotes cooling and heating efficiency of the vehicle’s heating and cooling system. Much like our own bodies an engine needs to be properly hydrated while operating to maintain constant temperature, especially in our extreme Canadian weather which fluctuates from -40oC to 40oC every year. This is done through circulating coolant within the cooling system from the radiator to your engine.

When should you book your Cooling System Service?

This service, as well as whether to drain and fill vs. flush is vehicle and mileage dependant. Your Service Advisor can advise whether it’s time to have your Cooling System Service performed, or if your vehicle is displaying either of these warning icons:

How long does a Cooling System Service take?

Cooling System Drain and Fill:

Approximately 1 hour

Cooling System Fluid Flush:

Approximately 1.5 hours

* When you come in for your appointment, our service advisors will be able to confirm the timing for your specific vehicle.

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Cooling System Pricing