Spring is here: 4 Tips to be Spring Ready!

Spring is here: 4 Tips to be Spring Ready!

Spring is finally here! We have developed 4 tips to ensure you are ready for spring!

1. Switch to All-Season/weather or Summer Tires – are designed specifically to handle and perform better in warmer temperatures and conditions. Talk to a parts advisor to choose the best tire for you and your vehicle.


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2. Come visit us for a Battery Health Check – colder temperatures affect your vehicle’s battery performance. Come visit us to get your battery checked to ensure your vehicle's battery is still performing well after the harsh cold winter months.


3. Check your wiper blades – Have someone on our parts or service team inspect your wiper blades to ensure there is no wiper blade deterioration. Visit us to inspect and purchase a pair for safe driving.


4. Create a Spring Safety Kit for your car– don’t forget to keep these items in your car:

    1. Flashlight
    2. Washer fluid
    3. First aid kit
    4. Blanket
    5. Booter Cables



If you have any questions about getting your car winter ready, please come see us or give us a call at 905-625-0333 or come visit us!

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